Energy Production

It is globally recognized that energy consumption during manufacture of building materials, construction and particularly the lifetime of use of any structure has significant economic and environmental impacts. The source of this energy is equally important and has particular impact on the environmental effect of using the energy for any purpose. For Jordan in particular, energy use far exceeds the current locally available resources and, in particular, electricity supplies are often over stretched by demand. The inclusion of energy from renewable, sustainable, and no-fossil fuel sources within a National Energy Mix is now deemed essential. Mostaqbal offers environmental and engineering services to this sector of the energy production industry including; hydrological studies (for hydo-power), wind energy, solar (PV and thermal) and nuclear. We have recently concluded the national environmental impact assessment for the first commercial nuclear reactor project to be commissioned in Jordan and are working with our partners to construct a research reactor in the northern Governorates.

Energy Use

Within the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, Mostaqbal provides services targeting up-front environmental impact savings by selecting appropriate materials and techniques which minimize energy use, incorporate recycled and sustainably produced materials, and offer the opportunity of increased recyclability of the structure and components at the end of their useful life. Mostaqbal is able to provide design services targeting the long-term environmental and economic impact of the use of the final facility over its lifetime.  These include: 

• Local renewable energy generation

• Structural energy efficiencies including insulation, natural lighting and natural ventilation systems 

• Efficient building environmental management systems

 •Building energy monitoring and control systems,

• Inclusion of energy efficient electrical and mechanical devices