Khaw-Hashemyeh Service Road

Khaw-Hashemyeh Service Road
Project Brief 

Construction of Khaw intersection which included 2 service roads each of 4.5 km length dedicated for oil-transporting trucks use.
The project works included:
1. Cleaning and layering the earth
2. Earth works including excavations, drilling, backfilling and preparing the base coarse including the sideway inclinations
3. Prepare the paving material which consists of the soil layers and the double layered final pavement in addition to the asphalt mixture and prepare the shoulders
4. Drainage facilities and culverts
5. Side and middle islands as well as the Curbstone
6. Installation of raised pavement markers, ripraps and traffic lights and signs

Zarqa - Jordan
Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Construction Supervision.

Project Value 
1, 794, 327 JD