Chairman Message



Our world’s economy is evolving.  High stakes and fierce competition have engendered a business environment in which only the highly adaptable succeed and the creative thrive.  Over the years, our company successfully weathered market adversity, incorporated cutting-edge technological advances, and set a new standard of excellence in project deliverables to emerge as national leaders in engineering and environmental services.

Mostaqbal encompasses a continued commitment to meeting these values while simultaneously establishing a new paradigm for the way business is conducted in the Middle East.  We engineer for the future, with a firm commitment to creating projects that will continue to produce value for both our clients directly and society as a whole. Striving to create a better tomorrow is the key to our success. 

Ensuring peace of mind is our foremost priority. We believe in creating and nurturing design teams who have the technical capacity and commitment to quality to implement a project from start to finish, utilising the latest technologies and equipment to deliver on-time and within budget. Our continued cooperation with international companies has allowed us to develop new practices and build on the wealth of experiential knowledge that characterises our commitment to exceeding international quality standards for every project. 

Improving our services has and will always be done in accordance with our mission, vision, and strategy.  We are building for tomorrow and will continue to set the standard for creating environmentally and socially responsible deliverables in the region and worldwide.